Abbey Moonis Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
McCohn Muscle has been my gym home for almost 2 years now and I continue to rave about how great it is every day! Workouts are tough but doable and Q makes me feel strong and confident every week! The gym is clean, organized, and upbeat and I look forward to every session!!
— Abbey Moonis

Amanda Maggart Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
Amazing trainer and motivator! He truly invests in his clients outside our normal limits. Not only does he focus on physical goals within the gym, he has helped me thru other life goals. I know see my goals in the gym are simply the foundation for my goals elsewhere in life. I’m in the best shape of my life, stronger and leaner then I’ve ever been.
— Amanda Scalise Maggart

Christian Mavriplis Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio

Since starting in January, I have lost 8% body fat and over 30 lbs while continuing to get much stronger. While I was super skeptical about joining a training program initially, I can for sure say that after experiencing the culture and environment that Q and Mo bring to their Gym, I have absolutely no plans of stopping! These guys push you every single day and help you hold yourself accountable in a safe way. One of my biggest concerns going into the gym was if I could even safely lift again due to 2 herniated (1 burst) disc in my lower lumbar and nerve damage in my right leg (injury from previous January). Starting back at the bottom of over a year of hardly any gym time, These guys made sure I was being safe, using proper form, and ultimately reinforcing my compromised spine. I am able to do things now which my neurosurgeon said would likely never happen again without surgery. These guys literally changed my life! If you put in the effort, you will absolutely see results, and for sure have fun along the way. Their custom workouts are always changing so you will never get bored-you will always be challenged!
— Chris Mavriplis

Dahlak Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
I signed up for the 42 day program and lost over 12 pounds. Q is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages you to do your best and never lets you slack off. I was so happy with my results that I decided to sign up for 6 more months. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in the next 6 months. Thanks Q!!!!
— Dahlak Gebreselassie

Helena Allgeier Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
Q’s tactic in helping people is awesome!! He is relatable and also provides you with the tools you need to be successful. I have lost over 40 lbs since I joined in December!! He pushes you and gives you the confidence you need to complete a workout and helps remind you of where your journey is headed!!! Very positive and uplifting!!
— Helena Allgeier

Jessica DelRe Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
Q is the best there is! You won’t find anyone who gives more of himself or works harder than this guy.
— Jessi DelRe

Jessica DeSalvo Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
Let me just tell YOU! This is the place to be if you want a focused, personalized, fun, and challenging place to train. I have had many trainers in the past and none of them have risen to the occasion like Q and Mo. The results I have achieved while training have surpassed my expectations. I look forward to every workout and the goals I can achieve.
— Jessica DeSalvo

Kamala Nobis Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
Best trainer in the city. You know when you have a good trainer when you enjoy going to your work out everyday.
He was the only one that got me training serious for now almost 2 years. Never did that in my whole life. I would always start and stop after a couple months. I give all the credit to Quentin, he is the man!
— Kamila C. Zafra Nobis

Kim Norris Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
I highly recommend Q...he provides motivation to work beyond what you thought you could do without making it so impossible that you don’t feel like coming back. I am happy to report that in just a few weeks I am down some pounds and have added muscle!!! I have never been consistent with any exercise so this is really exciting for me. I am shocked at how quickly I am seeing results.
— Kim Norris

Melissa Kinsey Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
I really love working out with Q and I have had many trainers in the past. I look forward to coming because he has the perfect mix of inspiration and encouragement to make me want to work hard for myself and for him! What is most impressive is his ability to never repeat the same workout, he amazes me with his vast knowledge. If u want results Q is your man!!
— Melissa Kinsey

Mike Benoit Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
I’ve know Quentin for years but just recently starting training with him. Less than a month in I’m 10 pounds down, my body fat has decreased 2% and I’m moving around much better when I hoop. Every session I’ve been pushed and has been different in a good way. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in the months to come! Give him a try, you’ll be glad you did as well!!
— Mike Benoit

Nicole Phillips Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
I started training with Q for his 3 month Program. It was an awesome program that was tailored specifically for each client - but still conducted in a group atmosphere. I love the way his classes are structured and the attention I have seen him provide myself as well as every other client. I have been a member of his gym for one year and counting and am excited to continue growing with him as my trainer!
— Nicole Phillips

Ruth Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
I have been with McCohn Muscle for over 3 years for fitness training. The owner, Quentin McCohn, is tough but supportive and caring. My endurance and strength have increased. My clothes fit better. I’ve been able o start running again. He has provided nutritional and emotional support. He knows when to push me and is very encouraging to get that last rep out of a set without sounding like a drill instructor. He changes up my exercise routines regularly which I enjoy and modifies exercises for my scoliosis and back pain so I am still getting a great workout. In fact my back pain is less now that I am exercising regularly. Thank you McCohn Muscle!
— Ruth Pawllack

Shamara Page Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
I signed up for the fit over 40 campaign for 14 days and I’ve continued to come. Quentin and Mo are the best trainers. I would recommend McCohn Muscle to anyone at any fitness level.
— Shamara Page

Steve Scalise Review of McCohn Muscle Gym in Westerville, Ohio
Q and Mo are innovative, prepared and enthusiastic trainer. They motivate me at every workout with a number of different techniques that fit my needs for that workout. The facility is very clean. Weights are racked. There is more than enough equipment to keep you busy. The two best days of my week are when I work out at McCohn Muscle.
— Steve Scalise

Suad Omar In Training
I signed up with Quentin and trained with him 4-5 days a week for 6 weeks straight. It has been a great and tough experience, probably one of the hardest things I have done thus far. When I first signed up to the program, I wasn’t sure how things would work for me. I have never worked with a trainer and haven’t been consistent when it came to working out at the GYM. I have always been the girl who payed for the gym but barely worked out (the struggle). I also had a fear of having a trainer who sounds like a drill instructor instead, so coming into this I was very hesitant. Thanks to Quentin that has truly changed. I can say I enjoy working out even though there are days I feel like giving up(Quentin will never let me give up with all his positive words). My endurance and strength have increased and that is huge for me. I have come so far because I do remember day one, I wasn’t able to do much. Another huge positive thing when it comes to training with Quentin is that he’s always there to listen to your concerns and works with you individually. I have always had lower back pain and probably one of the reasons I never liked working out was I would hurt my back. Week one/two into this program I actually hurt my back(painful) and it was due to my incorrect posture/form/weak core. Quentin helped me through my pain with some powerful stretches and correcting my posture when it came to the exercises. I’m convinced his stretches are magical. I could honestly keep going with this review. I 100% would recommend Quentin to anyone(already started sending people his way). I’m so happy with my results and my achievements that I’ve decided to sign up for 6 months. Can’t wait to see what I can accomplish.
— Suad Omar

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