Aug 2019- Client of the Month


This is a very unique McCohn Muscle Client of the Month induction because we usually reward numeric results and overcoming obstacles. Our typical Client of the Month has accelerated some type of weight or body fat loss using our system and plan. They have implemented consistency and the results have spoken for themselves.

Austin’s story is a little different. Here’s the journey from his eyes:

“As the son of both a former athlete and physical education teacher, fitness has always been a

very important aspect to our family’s everyday lifestyle. However, when I went off to college,

fitness and athletics were put mostly on the backburner as I focused on my degree. Once I

graduated and came back home, I still did not take fitness as important as I used to, until one

day I was practically dragged into meeting Q. At first, I did not really have any specific fitness

goals, nor did I take nutrition to heart. However, once I start something, I do not give up, so as

reluctant as I was to start, I knew that I would be better for it in the end and decided to stay the

course. Now that I’ve been here, I’ve been looking better, feeling better, and taking more

account into what nutrition I put into my body. I would say the best thing about this place is the

instructors. These guys are able to push you hard and still maintain a friendly atmosphere in

their facility. I can’t wait to see what more I can do at McCohn fitness!”

It’s McCohn Muscle, Austin! Don’t forget the name.

It’s McCohn Muscle, Austin! Don’t forget the name.

From the trainer’s viewpoint, Austin did not seem overly excited about starting his 6 Week Transformation journey this past summer, training at 10am. As he mentioned above, he was “practically dragged” into meeting us. He seemed disinterested in working out and did not make changes to his eating habits and consumption right away.

We saw that his mom wanted the results and benefits of exercise for him, but he had to get in his own zone and want it for himself. Now here are some very important words Austin wrote and you should make them apply to you, “ I knew that I would be better for it in the end and decided to stay the


Now when we observe Austin, we see a young guy lightweight bulldozing through the door with intensity ready to start his warm up and workout. He gets in his zone and gets the job done. No complaining, no nonsense, he just flat out handles his business. We also noticed that his nutrition isn’t perfect, but he has made improvements with his slimmer waistline and leaner upper body.

We are looking forward to seeing how our training and his commitment to better nutrition (if he chooses) will change his physique over the next six months. He knows that he broke down a solid wall by committing to his training program. It is up to him now to commit to better eating habits in order to take it to the next level. Either way, he has developed the important habit working out consistently, and that in itself is a solid decision.

How about you? Have you put your health and fitness on the backburner and are now in need of a kickstart. Do you need coaching with your workout programs and/or nutrition? Don’t delay or put it off anymore. Contact us so we can help you build a better, stronger, mentally tougher, but less stressed YOU!

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