Don't Let Abuse Be Your Excuse to Fail


Well I have thought about it and this is my story....

I have overcome many battles especially mental ones. My mother influenced me in many negative ways especially with my looks.

Nothing was ever good enough and I was never skinny enough. No matter how fit or strong I was I still wasn’t the best I could be.. as I was finishing my masters I was told that I have FAI which is a hip condition and I went from walking 2 miles a day to being told to not exercise otherwise I may need a hip replacement.

Two months later I got my surgery and it was a year recovery, physically. During this time I still was battling my mother, working and going to school while she continuously stole my medication.

Being told you cant do things, you are not pretty bc of size and not successful enough because of your salary takes a tole on someone.  I was determined to graduate with my masters and rid myself of the negativity.

Two years ago I separated myself from my toxic mother. Everyday is a mental battle and with my strong support system I have been able to work through these challenges.

I find myself still fighting the battle but it gets better one day at a time.

Quentin McCohn said one thing to me when I first met him and it honestly forever changed my way of thinking...he said to “make small goals, dont get overwhelmed with the big picture but reach small goals one at a time.”

I have met each small goal and although I have many more to go I have accomplished so much. I have my strength back and will never let someone have control over my mind again.

This is a long story and you can cut it however you may like but this is my real story about fighting verbal abuse and finding comfort in food.

I was scared of hurting my hip after surgery and just all of this (depression and anxiety) led to a large weight gain.

Although I am not where I want to be I try to make someone laugh each day because I believe bringing light to someone's life can save their life.

Our journey is just as much mental as it is physical. Keep your mind just as strong if not stronger than your body.

Hope this helps you!!