January 2019 Client of the Month

This is a little late but that is how things have been going for Bryan lately. His main business centers around roofing and when he’s not doing that he’s making sure roads, parking lots, driveways, and properties are plowed and salted. The weather has been keeping him busy for a good part of January. Before the cold weather and snow hit, he was staying busy at McCohn Muscle.

He and his wife, Danielle, started training with us in the middle of May. Actually they were McCohn Muscle’s FIRST new clients when we moved from Dublin to Worthington at Lakeview Plaza. Bryan is the definition of a “go-getter.” I originally instructed him to train four days a week, but Bryan came in five times. He was building his momentum and I respected it and did not want to slow him down, so I allowed the five days. It paid off too. In three months, Bryan lost 40lbs (including hitting his goal weight on his birthday), and 12 inches. His body fat dropped 9% as well.

We bumped heads a few times because Bryan is not interested in cardio. He wants the PUMP!!! He loves hitting upper body but his favorite sessions are probably leg days with Coach Mo. He finished his 2018 off strong. His business was thriving, he got his health and fitness habits back in line at McCohn Muscle, and his relationship with his family was going strong.

Last month, Bryan and his wife found out that they are going to have child #3. Although it may have been a bit unexpected, it was not surprising since both of them have been improving their health and fitness with us.

Fellas, don’t believe everything you hear on the radio. All of us don’t need testosterone shots because of “low T.” Some of us just need to lift heavy ass weights, eat better, and focus our energy in a more positive direction.

Even though Bryan is working two jobs right now to take care of the family, he has left his mark of hard work and dedication at McCohn Muscle and that’s why he’s January 2019 Client of the Month.