Add Quiet Time to your Schedule

I’m bout that prayer life. Meditation, deep breathing, awareness, tapping into the subconscious mind…..I’m all about it.

I’d think of myself as a pretty lofty goal setter. There is no doubt that executing the goal takes action, but where does the guidance come from?

Focusing on the inside, diving into your body, mind, and spirit for a little insight is an unrivaled method to complete a goal or change an action.

The church calls it praying. Yogis and spiritual believers might say meditation. Super “awake” people will say it’s connecting to the universe. The educated might call it tapping into the subconscious. Tony Robbins says “priming.” It can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Be with yourself for a moment and away from the world.

It’s not about shutting your mind down, it’s about being aware of what’s in your mind. Family member to call, an important detail that someone mentioned earlier, a way to deal with an issue effecting your happiness; and then get the revitalized energy to go and execute the tasks.

It’s not wise to watch hours of TV, reading and listening to what the media is subjecting, scrolling dozens of minutes on social media, and then neglect the things that are inside your mind, body, and spirit. GET YA MIND RIGHT! Be the boss of what goes in that. Recognize what makes you happy and what doesn’t. And then take action.

You’ve heard the ol proverbial, “trust your instincts” right? That’s right. Don’t wait until “fight or flight” comes when you need them, when you can just tap into them right now.

Know what I’m sayin?